When it comes to creative solutions, our engineering team is second to none.  With decades of experience in everything from telecommunications and food service to animal health and medical devices, we have a propensity for not just thinking outside the box but also turning the box inside out.  Whether your product is a simple plastic assembly, a device with complex embedded software or a piece of capital equipment, Kimball Electronics can make it happen.

In-house engineering expertise:

  • Industrial Design
  • Part design analysis
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Metallurgy
  • Software
  • Systems
  • Packaging
  • Manufacturing


Prototyping is a critical phase in the development process.  Although much can be done to try to anticipate potential product issues, nothing beats getting that first prototype in your hands for testing.  Whether it’s a simple metal bracket, an SLA of a plastic component, a printed circuit board or a complete electro-mechanical system, Kimball Electronics will take care of all your prototyping needs.

Design Transfer to Manufacturing

Before a product is released to production, it is imperative that the manufacturing processes have been well-planned. This not only reduces lead time but also ensures that high quality products consistently flow from the production floor to the shipping dock.  Our manufacturing engineers perform PFMEA’s and take a hands-on approach to manufacturing process setup.  In addition, our existing processes are constantly evaluated to find cost reduction opportunities for our customers.